Research License Requirements Check your state's specific criteria, as licensing requirements can vary across different regions.

Choose a Specialization Decide on your niche, like luxury travel, cruises, or adventure tours, to tailor your career. 

Education & Training Enroll in accredited courses or programs to gain essential knowledge and expertise for licensure. 

Apply for TSA PreCheck Obtain a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) PreCheck to enhance your credibility 

Register Your Business Establish your travel agency as a legal entity, ensuring compliance with state regulations .

Pass Background Checks Be prepared for background checks and screenings, a standard part of the licensing process. 

  Submit Licensing Application Complete the application forms and pay the required fees to begin the licensing process. 

Join Industry Associations Connect with associations like ASTA or NACTA for valuable networking and industry insights. 

Stay Informed & Renew Keep up with industry trends and regularly renew your license to maintain your professional status.