best travel insurance for surfers: A Full Guide

best travel insurance for surfers

Surfer Travel Insurance is a special kind of travel insurance made just for surfers. It covers more than regular travel insurance focuses on surfing-related risks and helps in surfer’s emergencies. It includes protection for your surfing gear in case it gets lost stolen, or damaged, medical care if you get hurt while surfing and emergency help which is super important in remote surf spots. It also offers liability coverage if you accidentally cause injury or damage in a surfer journey.

Best Travel Insurance For Surfers

The Importance of Securing Travel Insurance for Your Surfing Adventures underscores the necessity for surfers to have specialized travel insurance. This summary highlights the unpredictable nature of surfing, which, while exhilarating, carries inherent risks like injuries, equipment damage, and unexpected travel disruptions.

15 best travel insurance for surfers

Best Travel Insurance For Surfers

1. AIG Travel Insurance:

AIG Travel Insurance offered by American International Group,  this is a complete travel insurance plan that meets a wide range of travel needs and emergencies. Its main features include coverage for trip cancellation and interruption, medical costs during travel, emergency medical evacuation, baggage loss or damage and travel delays.

In short AIG Travel Insurance offers protection against the uncertainties of travel giving financial security and peace of mind.

2. Travelex Travel Insurance:

Travelex Insurance is a well-known travel insurance provider, offering a variety of plans to meet different traveler needs  . Their key offerings include coverage for trip cancellation and interruption, medical emergencies while traveling, baggage loss or damage and travel delays. 

Travelex is appreciated for its thorough protection that suits various kinds of trips, from family holidays to business journeys. They also provide 24/7 assistance for any emergencies or questions you might have while traveling and provide better services.

3. World Nomads Travel Insurance:

World Nomads Travel Insurance is a top and best choice for travelers who want complete and flexible insurance perfect for adventure sports or long trips. Their plans cover all the key travel insurance needs and include extra coverage for adventure activities, making them a great choice for various travel styles. This travel insurance is makes travelers journey very easy.

4. Surf Travel Insurance

Surf Travel Insurance is a specialized form of travel insurance designed specifically for surfers. It offers comprehensive coverage that caters to the unique needs and risks associated with surfing trips, whether for leisure or professional purposes. Here’s an in-depth squint at what Surf Travel Insurance typically encompasses:.

5. SafetyWings Travel Insurance:

SafetyWing Travel Insurance is made just for digital nomads remote workers, and those traveling for a long time. It gives complete and adaptable insurance coverage all over the world. Here’s more about SafetyWing Travel Insurance.

6. Seven Corners Travel Insurance:

Seven Corners is a travel insurance company that offers a variety of insurance options to suit different travelers around the world. Here’s more about what Seven Corners provides:

Key Insurance Products:

1.Travel Medical Insurance: This includes plans for individuals traveling outside their home country, offering coverage for medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, and repatriation.  

2.Trip Protection Insurance: Designed to protect the financial investment in a trip, this includes trip cancellation and interruption coverage, as well as protection against travel delays, lost baggage, and more.  

3.Group Travel Insurance: Customizable plans for groups traveling together, offering similar benefits to individual plans but at a group rate.  

7. Allianz Global Travel Insurance:

Allianz Global Assistance is a leading travel insurance and assistance service provider, with a broad selection of products for travelers all over the world. Here’s more about what Allianz Global Assistance offers:

Key Insurance Products:-

1.Single Trip Plans: These plans are designed for travelers looking for protection for a single trip. They usually cover trip cancellation, interruption, emergency medical expenses, emergency evacuation, baggage loss or delay and travel delay.  

2.Annual/Multi-Trip Plans: Ideal for frequent travelers these plans provide coverage for multiple trips within a year. They typically include similar benefits to single trip plans but are more cost-effective for those traveling several times a year.

8. Trawick International Travel Insurance

Trawick International Services is a recognized travel insurance provider offering various plans to suit different types of travelers. Here’s an overview of what Trawick International usually provides:

Insurance Products:- 

1.Travel Basic: Aimed at providing essential travel protection, this plan covers trip cancellation, interruption, delay, baggage issues and emergency medical and evacuation services.

2.Travel Select: A more comprehensive option, Travel Select offers higher coverage limits and additional benefits. It includes a range of covered reasons for trip cancellation and interruption, medical and evacuation coverage baggage protection, and options for adventure sports coverage.

9. RoamRight Travel Insurance:

RoamRight Insurance Services is a reliable travel insurance provider with various plans tailored to different traveler needs. Here’s a breakdown of what RoamRight Insurance Services usually offers.

Key Insurance Plans:-

1.Travel Basic: This plan offers essential travel protection, including trip cancellation and interruption, emergency medical and dental coverage, emergency evacuation, baggage protection, and 24/7 travel assistance services. 

2.Travel Select: A more comprehensive option, Travel Select is designed for families and adventurers, providing higher coverage limits and additional benefits. It includes a pre-existing condition waiver, sports coverage options, and children under 17 are covered at no additional cost when traveling with a covered adult. 


10. Travel Guard Insurance:

Travel Guard insurance is  a part of AIG, is a leading travel insurance provider offering a variety of insurance products and services to cater to the needs of travelers worldwide. Here are the full details of Travel Guard’s offerings:

Insurance Plans:-

1.Essential Plan: Designed for domestic travelers, this basic plan covers trip cancellation and interruption, baggage loss or delay and emergency medical expenses.

2.Preferred Plan: A more comprehensive option, it includes higher coverage limits and additional benefits such as children’s coverage at no extra cost coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, and 24-hour travel assistance services.


11. InsureandGo Insurance:

InsureandGo is a global travel insurance provider known for offering a wide range of coverage options to cater to the diverse needs of travelers. Here are the full details of InsureandGo’s insurance offerings.

Insurance Plans:-

1.Single Trip Insurance: Suitable for one-off trips, covering trip cancellation, medical expenses, baggage, and other travel-related risks.

2.Annual Multi-Trip Insurance: Ideal for frequent travelers, offering coverage for multiple trips throughout the year.

common coverages offered for surfers

best travel insurance for surfers
  1. Equipment Coverage: Protects your surfing gear against damage, loss, or theft, which is crucial for surfers traveling with their equipment. 
  2. Medical Expenses: Covers medical costs if you get injured while surfing, including emergency treatments and hospital stays.  
  3. Emergency Evacuation: Provides emergency transport to the nearest medical facility if you suffer a serious injury while surfing, especially important in remote locations.  
  4. Personal Liability: If you accidentally injure someone or damage property while surfing, this coverage helps with legal liabilities.  
  5. Trip Cancellation: Reimburses your pre-paid, non-refundable expenses if you have to cancel your surfing trip due to covered reasons like illness or injury.  
  6. Trip Interruption: If you need to cut your surfing trip short due to emergencies, this coverage helps cover the additional travel expenses.  
  7. Accidental Death and Dismemberment: Offers a benefit in the unfortunate event of a fatal accident or severe injury while surfing.  
  8. Baggage and Personal Effects: Covers loss or damage to personal items, including non-surfing related gear during your trip.  
  9. Travel Delay: Provides reimbursement for additional accommodation and meal expenses if your travel is delayed due to reasons like bad weather.  
  10. Adventure Sports Coverage: Specifically includes surfing and other adventure activities which are often excluded in standard travel insurance policies.


In final thought getting surfer travel insurance is super smart if you love surfing. It’s like a safety blanket for when you’re riding the waves. This insurance is specially made for surfers. It helps with stuff that normal insurance doesn’t cover like if you get hurt or your surfboard breaks.

people also ask

1. What does travel insurance for surfers typically cover?

Answer: Travel insurance for surfers typically covers medical expenses for injuries sustained while surfing, emergency evacuation, trip cancellation and interruption lost or damaged surfing equipment and personal liability.

 2. Why do surfers need specialized travel insurance? 

Answer: Surfing involves unique risks such as injuries from the sport itself or from the marine environment.

3.Are there travel insurance policies that cover high-risk surfing destinations? 

Answer: Yes, there are travel insurance policies designed to cover high-risk or remote surfing destinations.

4. Can I insure my surfing equipment separately? 

Answer: Many travel insurance policies for surfers offer the option to insure surfing equipment separately. This can cover loss theft, or damage to the equipment. 

5. Is there coverage for competitive surfing under travel insurance? 

Answer: Yes, some insurers offer travel insurance policies that cover competitive surfing.

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