Blue Flag Beach Chennai Ticket Price, Timing Full Guide 2024

Blue Flag Beach Chennai

Hello Everyone Today  We’re excited to share this article with you packed with interesting things to learn About Blue Flag Beach Chennai. This beach also known as Kovalam Beach is a beautiful beach located in the Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu India. It is about 40 kilometers south of Chennai city and is a popular tourist destination.

The beach was awarded the prestigious Blue Flag certification in 2020 making it one of the few beaches in India to have received this recognition.And this beach Is so beautiful let’s learn more With full Guide.

The Blue Flag is a special award given to beaches that are really clean, safe, and well taken care of. To get this award, a beach has to pass tough tests for clean water, safety looking after the environment and having good facilities. Beaches with the Blue Flag are known for being top-notch and eco-friendly. The program began in France in 1985 and has been implemented in Europe since 1987. It has now spread to countries outside Europe as well.

This special beach award started in France back in 1985 and began to be used in other European countries in 1987. Nowadays. it’s not just in Europe but in other countries around the world too.

Blue Flag Beach Chennai Timings



Opening hours

Generally Accessible 24/7

Lifeguard timings

8:00 AM to 6:00 PM


During lifeguard hours

(8:00 AM to 6:00 PM)


Surfers can enjoy

waves any time

Waste Collection

mornings, afternoons and

evenings, around 3-4 times per day.

Blue Flag Beach Chennai ticket price


Price ₹Rs

entry fee




changing rooms


Blue Flag Beach Chennai Parking fee

vehicle Type








How to reach at Blue Flag Beach Chennai

Blue Flag Beach Chennai

These  are the major details on how to reach Blue Flag Beach Chennai from different parts of the city.

 1. From Chennai Airport:  

  • By taxi: Around 45 kms. Will cost approx Rs. 1200-1500. 
  • By bus: Take bus to Tambaram then connect Thiruvanmiyur bus. Will cost around Rs. 100 per person. 

2. From Chennai Central Railway Station:  

  • By taxi: Around 35 kms. Will cost approx Rs. 1000-1200. 
  • By train: Take train to Thiruvanmiyur station then taxi/bus. 
  • Train ticket – Rs. 20-50 per person. 

3. From T Nagar:  

  • By taxi: Around 25 km. Will cost approx Rs. 600-800. 
  • By bus: Take bus to Adyar, then bus to Neelankarai. 
  • Bus ticket – Rs. 15-25 per person. 

4. From Velachery:  

  • By taxi: Around 20 km. Will cost approx Rs. 500-600. 
  • By bus: Take bus towards Thiruvanmiyur and get down at Neelankarai. 
  • Bus ticket – Rs. 10-15 per person. 

5. From Thiruvanmiyur:  

  • By auto: Around 7km. Will cost approx Rs. 100-150. 
  • By bus: Take bus 113E to Neelankarai. 
  • Bus ticket – Rs. 10-15 per person.

best for eat At Blue flag Beach





Bread Omlet




Sweet Corn


Cone Ice-Cream


Spring Potato


French Fries


Chicken Roll


Chicken Momos


Best things to do at Blue Flag Beach Chennai

Blue Flag Beach Chennai
  1. Swimming – The beach has clear waters and safe swimming zones marked by lifeguards. Swim during the supervised timings only. 
  2. Sunbathing – Lay out on the soft sands and get a tan. Use sunscreen.
  3. Beach sports – Play beach volleyball, football or frisbee on the shore. You can also try beach tennis. 
  4. Surfing – The waves are great for surfing especially in the mornings. Rent boards and gear from local surf clubs.  
  5. Kayaking – Paddle along the coastline for a new perspective. Kayak rentals and tours offered. 
  6. Beach yoga – Take a yoga class on the beach in the early mornings. Breathe in the fresh sea air. 
  7. Beach walks – Take long walks along the shoreline and enjoy the seaside. Ideal for all ages. 
  8. Bird watching – Spot migratory and local birds like terns, sandpipers, gulls, etc. Best done early morning. 
  9. Cycle on ECR – Rent a cycle and bike down the scenic East Coast Road. 
  10. Beach camping – Enjoy overnight camping on the beach with bonfires and barbecues. Get permits in advance. 
  11. Eat at shacks – Sample delicious seafood at the small eateries and shacks near the beach.

Places to visit Near Covelong – Kovalam Beach Chennai

  1. Mahabalipuram: Just 14 km from Kovalam Beach, this spot is known for its old temples and carvings part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Entry Fee About ₹40 for locals and ₹600 for visitors from other countries.  
  2. DakshinaChitra Museum: About 9 km away this place displays South India’s art, dance, craft, and architecture. Entry fee ₹100 for grown-ups, ₹30 for kids.  
  3. Crocodile Bank: Also 14 km from Kovalam Beach, here you can see crocodiles and other reptiles up close. Entry fee ₹50 for adults, ₹30 for kids.  
  4. Alamparai Fort: Around 50 km away you can explore ancient ruins with beautiful views. No entry fee but you might pay to get there.  
  5. Muttukadu Boat House: Situated 20 km away it’s a fun spot for boating and water sports in calm waters. Boating fees Start at ₹100 depending on the boat and how long you use it.

Safety tips for Blue Flag Beach Chennai

  • Swim only when lifeguards are present and between the flags where they indicate it is safe. Never swim alone. 
  • Keep a close eye on children at all times and do not let them go into the water unsupervised. Be aware of strong currents and tides. 
  • Do not go too far out into the sea. Obey any warning signs. 
  • Hydrate regularly when out in the sun and use enough sunscreen to avoid sunburns. Wear hats and sunglasses. 
  • Do not consume alcohol if you plan to swim or engage in any beach activities. 
  • Check weather and tide information before going to the beach. 


So overall Friends  we have discussed about Kovalam Beach is a special place because it has a Blue Flag which means it’s super clean and safe for everyone. You can swim in the clear water play different sports or just chill and relax. The beach really cares about keeping nature safe and making sure everyone who visits is safe to making it a really cool place to go.

Blue Flag Beach Chennai

What is the ticket price of Blue Flag Beach in Chennai?

The entry fee for Chennai’s Kovalam Blue Flag Beach is ₹10 for all visitors. Kids under the age of 3 can enter for free. Tickets are available near the beach entrance.

Can we go to Kovalam beach at night?

Kovalam beach is open 24 hours and everyone can visit at night. but swimming is not allowed after sunset for safety reasons. The beach still offers a peaceful walk along the waves under the moonlight.

Can we bathe in Kovalam Beach?

Yes bathing and swimming are allowed at Kovalam Beach during the daytime. The beach is known for its clean and clear waters, making it a great spot for swimming. Just make sure to swim in designated safe zones and follow any safety instructions provided.

Blue flag beach chennai closing time sunday?

The closing time for Blue Flag Beach in Chennai including Sundays is 7:30 PM. This allows visitors to enjoy the beach throughout the day until early evening. But Beach access is not permitted after official closing time for safety.

Which is the safest beach in Chennai?

Kovalam Beach is the safest beach in Chennai because it has a Blue Flag award. This means it’s really clean, safe, and good for the environment. It’s a perfect spot to play and relax safely.

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