vandalur zoo ticket price, Timing ,Entry fee, full guide

Vandalur Zoo Ticket Price

Hello Everyone Today’s We are excited to share this article with you, packed with interesting things to learn and enjoy. About Vandalur Zoo, also called Arignar Anna Zoological Park, is a famous zoo in Vandalur, near Chennai, India. Opened in 1855.

It was India’s first public zoo and is one of the biggest in South Asia. Covering about 602 hectares, the zoo has a huge variety of plants and animals with more than 170 different kinds of animals including some that are rare and at risk of extinction. Lets learn more about vandalur zoo ticket price, Time table ,and Activities.



Weekdays (except Tuesday)

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

(Tuesday closed)


9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Closed on


Last entry at

4:30 PM

Elephant Ride Timing

10 AM to 11.30 AM

and 3 PM to 4 PM

Time required to visit

3 to 4 Hours

Best Time to Visit At Zoo

Morning, Evening

Time or Winter


You can visit the Vandalur Zoo in Chennai on most days from the morning until the evening. Remember, it’s closed on Tuesdays. Make sure to get your tickets by the late afternoon. For the most up-to-date information, it’s recommended to check their official website.

Vandalur Zoo Ticket Price

vandalur zoo ticket price


Indian (₹Rs)

Outer Visitors

Children above 5 years and below 12 years






School Children (5-12 years)



Children below 5 years and differently–abled person



Battery-operated vehicles Zoo round for adult



Battery-operated vehicles Zoo round for Children



Lion and Deer Safari for adult



Lion and Deer Safari for children



For Camera



For Video Cam



For Handy Cam



Book ticket

To make your visit to Vandalur Zoo more comfortable:  

  1. You can buy tickets for the battery vehicles at specific counters near the main entrance. 
  2. The wait time for these vehicles can change based on how busy the zoo is.
  3. The vehicle tour usually takes around 45 minutes and stops at several animal exhibits. 
  4. While walking or using a tram is an option, the battery vehicles are a more relaxed way to see the zoo, especially for families, children, or older visitors.

    Vandalur Zoo Packages and price

    • Family Fun Package:
    Entry tickets + Battery car tour + Picnic lunch + Souvenirs for around ₹800-1000 for two adults and two children. 
    • Thrill Seeker Package: 
    Entry tickets + Guided Safari + Birdwatching Tour + Nocturnal Animal House for around ₹550-650 per adult. 
    • Educational Learning Package: 
    Entry tickets (with guided tour) + Themed Garden Tour + Animal Feeding Demonstrations + Workshop for around ₹500-700 per person (adults and children).

    Additional Costs:

    • Snacks and meals: Prices vary at the zoo cafeteria and kiosks. 
    • Locker rental: ₹20

    Best Time To Visit Vandalur Zoo

    vandalur zoo ticket price

    Weekday Visits: Visiting on weekdays is ideal as fewer people are present offering a more relaxed experience. Avoid Tuesdays when the zoo is closed.  

    Timing Your Visit: Early mornings and late afternoons are best for avoiding large crowds and the midday heat, providing a more comfortable zoo experience.  

    Weather Consideration: November to February is the most pleasant time to visit, with cooler and more comfortable weather conditions, enhancing your overall experience.  

    Animal Feeding Times: Animals are more active during their feeding times typically in the mornings and evenings. Planning your visit around these times increases chances of seeing livelier animal behavior.  

    Preparation for Weather: To ensure a comfortable visit wear appropriate footwear for walking, use sunscreen and hats for sun protection, and carry water, especially during warmer months.

    animals in Vandalur Zoo

    Vandalur Zoo, also known as Arignar Anna Zoological Park, is home to a wide variety of animals, birds, and reptiles. It features:

    1. Mammals: The zoo has more than 47 species, including big cats like lions and tigers, elephants, giraffes, zebras, chimpanzees, bears, deer, wolves, and many primates. 
    2. Birds: Visitors can see around 63 species, with parrots, eagles, penguins, peacocks, and others. 
    3. Reptiles: There are about 31 species on display, including crocodiles, pythons, lizards, turtles, and the Komodo dragon. 
    4. Amphibians: The zoo has 5 species, like frogs and toads. 
    5. Fish: The aquarium section houses 28 species of fish. 
    6. Insects: The zoo also exhibits various insect species, although the not exact count.

    Parking Ticket Price Vandalur Zoo

    Vehicle Type

    Per Single vehicle (₹Rs)

    Car / Auto rickshaw


    Two-wheeler (Bike, scooter)




    Bus / Minibus / Van / Lorry


    Best Activities To Do Vandalur Zoo

    vandalur zoo ticket price

    Vandalur Zoo offers a plethora of exciting activities for visitors of all ages. Here are some highlights to consider for your next visit:  For 1. Thrill Seekers:  

    • Animal Encounters: Experience close encounters with majestic creatures like elephants or giraffes through special programs like Elephant Rides or Giraffe Feeding. 
    • Guided Trails: Embark on a guided safari through the zoo’s expansive areas for a behind-the-scenes glimpse into animal life and stunning natural landscapes. 
    • Birdwatching: Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of avian species with dedicated birdwatching zones equipped with observation towers and informative signage. 

    2. Families and Relaxing Fun Activities:  

    • Battery Car Tour: Take a leisurely ride on a battery-powered vehicle to cover large sections of the zoo comfortably, with stops at key animal enclosures. 
    • Picnic Areas: Unwind and enjoy a delicious picnic amidst the greenery with designated picnic areas, perfect for families and groups. 
    • Themed Gardens: Explore tranquil gardens like the Bonsai Garden or Japanese Garden, offering scenic escapes and unique plant life. 

    3. Learning and Educational Activities:  

    • Nocturnal Animal House: Discover the fascinating world of nocturnal creatures like owls, bats, and snakes in a specially designed nighttime habitat. 
    • Reptile House: Get up close with various reptiles like crocodiles, pythons, and lizards in a temperature-controlled environment. 
    • Amphibian House: Learn about the unique adaptations and ecological roles of frogs, toads, and salamanders in a dedicated amphibian exhibit. 

    Additional Tips:  

    1. Utilize the zoo map and brochures to plan your itinerary and prioritize must-see exhibits. Attend animal feeding demonstrations for a captivating view of their natural behaviors. 
    2. Engage with zoo staff and guides to ask questions and gain deeper insights into animal conservation efforts. 
    3. Capture precious memories through pictures, but be mindful of flash photography guidelines. 
    4. Support the zoo’s conservation initiatives by participating in special programs or purchasing souvenirs.

    vandalur zoo battery car price

    Vehicle Type

    Single person (₹Rs)

    Battery vehicles for children(5 to 12 years)


    Battery vehicles for adults (above 12 years)


    Lion and deer safari for adults (above 12 years)


    Lion and deer safari for children(5 to 12 years)


    How To Reach At Vandalur Zoo

    There are several ways to reach Vandalur Zoo from Chennai, offering different levels of convenience and budget:  

    By Train:  

    The Chennai Park station operates a direct train to Vandalur every 30 minutes, taking approximately 57 minutes. This is a cost-effective option, with ticket prices starting from ₹90. You’ll then need to take a short rickshaw ride from the station to the zoo entrance.

    Chennai Central Station: You can also access trains from Chennai Central Station like the 06721 train, but these generally involve transfers and take longer. 

    By Bus:  

    SETC operates direct buses from Chennai-Pt Dr. M.G.S to Vandalur, taking around 50 minutes. This is another affordable option, with ticket prices around ₹100-₹150. Other Buses: Several bus routes stop near the zoo, like E18 from Broadway MTC Bus Terminus or 500 series buses to Chengalpattu. These may involve changes and require walking to the zoo entrance. 

    BY Taxi or Cab:

    Convenient Cabs offer the most direct and convenient option, especially with luggage or a group. However they are the most expensive with typical fares around ₹300-₹500 from central Chennai. 

    By Car/Bike:

    Driving your own car or bike gives you the most flexibility and control over your itinerary. However, traffic can be heavy, and parking near the zoo might be limited. 

    Here are some additional things to consider:  

    • Traffic: Weekends and peak hours can have heavy traffic, so plan accordingly. 
    • Luggage: Consider your luggage weight and ease of transport when choosing your mode of transportation. 
    • Group size: Larger groups may find buses or carpooling more cost-effective.

    Vandalur Zoo Ticket Booking Process

    You can book your tickets to Vandalur Zoo (Arignar Anna Zoological Park) in two ways:  

    1. Online Booking:  

    • Head to the official Vandalur Zoo website: Click on “Online Ticket Booking” on the homepage. 
    • Choose your preferred date and time slot. Availability is updated in real-time. 
    • Select the ticket type for each visitor (adult, child, senior citizen). Enter your details and proceed to make the payment. 
    • You can pay using debit/credit cards, net banking, or UPI. Once your payment is successful, you’ll receive an e-ticket via email. 
    • Print it out or save it on your phone for easy access. 

    2. Offline Booking:  

    • You can purchase tickets at the counters located near the main entrance of the zoo. 
    • Payment can be made in cash only. Be prepared for potential queues, especially during weekends and peak hours. 

    Here are some additional things to keep in mind:  

    1. Ticket prices vary depending on age group and citizenship. 
    2. Children below 5 years old enter for free. 
    3. Discounts are available for senior citizens and students with valid ID. 
    4. It’s recommended to book your tickets online in advance, especially during peak seasons or weekends, to avoid queues at the gates. 
    5. The zoo accepts online bookings until 4:30 PM on the day of your visit.

    safety tips for vandalur zoo chennai

    vandalur zoo ticket price

    Visiting Vandalur Zoo can be a thrilling and educational experience but it’s important to prioritize safety for yourself and others. Here are some key tips to keep in mind:  

    Before Your Visit:  

    • Dress properly : Wear comfortable shoes and clothing suitable for the weather. Avoid loose clothing that could get caught on railings or bushes. 
    • Take useful things: Carry sunscreen, a hat, water bottle, and snacks. Plan your route: Familiarize yourself with the zoo layout and decide which areas you want to visit. This will help you avoid getting lost or overwhelmed. 

    At the Zoo:  

    • Follow instructions: Pay attention to signs and guidelines displayed throughout the zoo. Do not cross barriers, enter restricted areas, or feed the animals. 
    • Maintain awareness: Keep an eye on your children and belongings at all times. The zoo can be crowded, and it’s easy to get separated. 
    • Respect And kind animals: Do not make loud noises, tap on enclosures, or throw anything at the animals. This can cause stress and distress. 
    • Be mindful of others: Avoid pushing or shoving especially around enclosures with good viewing spots. Give everyone a chance to see the animals. 
    • Stay hydrated: Drinking plenty of water is crucial especially on hot days. Take breaks: The zoo is vast, so don’t try to see everything in one go. Take breaks to rest and avoid fatigue. 
    • Report any concerns: If you see anyone violating safety rules or animal welfare regulations, inform a zoo staff member immediately. 

    Additional Tips:  

    • Carry a first-aid kit for minor cuts or scrapes. Apply mosquito repellent, especially during monsoon season. 
    • Leave valuables at home or in a secure locker. 
    • Be responsible for your trash and dispose of it properly. 
    • Enjoy the experience! Take pictures, ask questions, and learn about the amazing animals you encounter.


    So overall we have discussed About Vandalur Zoo is more than an animal park. It’s a place to have fun enjoy the outdoors and learn about animal care. You’ll see all sorts of animals from large lions to cheerful monkeys showing the beauty of wildlife. Visitors often leave with a deeper affection for animals and a desire to help them. 

    vandalur zoo

    Q:1. Can we take photos in Vandalur zoo?

    Yes, you can take photos at Vandalur Zoo. Just remember a few rules: 

    •  Mobile phones: Feel free to use your phone for photos, it’s covered by your entry ticket. 
    • Digital cameras: You can also use digital cameras without extra cost.

    Q:2 What is Vandalur famous for?

    Over 170 different kinds of animals in huge, natural spaces, including rare and endangered ones. Visitors can interact with exhibits and enjoy experiences like elephant rides.

    Q:3 Vandalur zoo is open today?

     Yes, Vandalur Zoo is open today, It is open every day except Tuesdays, with the following hours:  

    • Weekdays: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM 
    • Weekends: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM 
    • Last entry at 4:30 PM

    Q:4 vandalur zoo contact number?

    You can contact Vandalur Zoo at 044 – 29542301 for any queries. They also provide assistance through email at

    Q:5 Is food allowed in Vandalur Zoo?

    Sure You can bring your own packed food and snacks to be enjoyed at designated picnic areas within the zoo. These areas are usually located near the entrance or in shaded spots throughout the park.

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