Best Trampoline Park Delhi for Kids & Adults – Prices & Timings

Trampoline Park Delhi

Hello Everyone we are excited to share this article with you for interesting things to learn and enjoy. Trampoline Park Delhi is a super cool indoor place in Sector 10, Rohini, New Delhi. It has lots of trampolines – more than 100 all joined together. You can bounce around, play dodgeball, jump into a super soft foam pit, and even grab yummy burgers and milkshakes at the cafe. 

You can go there any day – on weekdays from 11:30 AM to 10:00 PM and weekends from 10:30 AM to 10:00 PM.  There are many kinds of fun stuff like fitness classes and dodgeball games, and you can even have your birthday party there.

The timing for Trampoline Park Delhi depends on the day of the week

  • Weekdays (Monday – Friday): 11:30 AM to 10:00 PM 
  • Weekends (Saturday and Sunday): 10:30 AM to 10:00 PM

Day of the Week

Opening Time

Closing Time


10:30 AM

10:00 PM


11:30 AM

10:00 PM


11:30 AM

10:00 PM


11:30 AM

10:00 PM


11:30 AM

10:00 PM


11:30 AM

10:00 PM


10:30 AM

10:00 PM

How To Reach Trampoline Park Delhi

Hello friends there are many ways to  reaching Trampoline Park Delhi with your own vehicle and public transport including estimated costs and guidance  

By Your Own Vehicle:

  • Distance: Varies depending on your starting point in Delhi, estimated 30-40 km from central Delhi.
  • Time: Around 45-60 minutes based on traffic.
  • Estimated Cost: Fuel: Depends on your car’s mileage and current fuel prices. 
  • Toll: Expect light tolls on National Highway, usually around ₹20-30 per trip.

By Public Transport: 

  1. Bus:  No direct bus route: Requires connecting buses from your location to Rohini Sector 18, followed by an auto-rickshaw or e-rickshaw to the park. Estimated Cost: Bus: ₹20-30 per transfer Auto/e-rickshaw: ₹50-100 from Rohini Sector 18 station Pros: Economical option, especially if traveling solo. 
  2. Metro:  Nearest Station: Rohini Sector 18 (Red Line). Travel Time Around 30-45 minutes from central Delhi stations. Metro Fare Depends on your origin station and distance traveled (estimated ₹20-40). 
  3. Connecting Transport: Auto-rickshaw or e-rickshaw from Rohini Sector 18 station (estimated fare ₹50-₹100). 
  4. Cab: Ridesharing Apps Use apps like Uber or Ola to book a cab and get fare estimates in advance. Estimated Cost: ₹200-400 depending on distance and surge pricing. 
  5. Auto-rickshaw/E-rickshaw: Widely available near Metro stations and other public transport hubs. Negotiate fare: Always agree on a fare before starting the journey. Expect slightly higher fares for tourists. Estimated Cost ₹100-150 from Rohini Sector 18 station.

Ticket price - Trampoline Park Delhi



(Mon-Fri) Price

Weekend (Sat-Sun) Price

30 minutes

Rs. 500

Rs. 600

60 minutes

Rs. 700

Rs. 800

90 minutes

Rs. 900

Rs. 1,000

120 minutes

Rs. 1,000

Rs. 1,200

Book Ticket

  • Children under 3 years old are not allowed. 
  • Grippers socks are mandatory and cost Rs. 100 per pair. 
  • Lockers are available for Rs. 50.

ticket booking process Trampoline Park

Trampoline Park Delhi

First visit the website for the park you want to go to:

  • For Rohini, check out Skyjumper Trampoline Park Delhi. 
  • If you want to go to Gurgaon search “Skyjumper Trampoline Park Gurgaon” on the internet because their direct link isn’t working. 
  • Click the “Book Now” button on the park’s website.

Decide what you want to do: 

  • Jump Session: Choose how long you want to bounce around – 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes. 
  • Party Package: They have cool party plans with decorations yummy food, drinks, and party hosts. 
  • Group Discount: If you’re going with a lot of friends (like 10 or more) you can get a cheaper price. 
  • Corporate Events: If it’s a big event fill in a form to plan a special day with food, games, and a place just for your group. 

Then pick when you want to go:  

  • Choose the date and time for your visit. It might be quieter and less expensive on weekdays. 
  • Decide how many tickets you’ll need for everyone. 

Lastly pay for your fun day: 

  • Head to the checkout on the website and enter your information. 
  • Make sure everything in your booking looks right. 
  • Choose how you want to pay – you can use a credit card, debit card or net banking. 
  • Once you’ve paid they’ll send you an email with all your booking details and a QR code.

Best Packages of Trampoline Park Delhi

Trampoline Park Delhi
  1. Open Jump: If you go on a weekday, jumping for an hour costs about Rs. 500-800 but on weekends, it’s a bit more like Rs. 800-1200. and if you need extra socks, they cost Rs. 100-300.  
  2. Memberships: You can get a special pass for a whole month or even a year. The monthly one is around Rs. 2000-4000 and you can go jumping as much as you want. If you get the yearly one it might be Rs. 15,000-25,000.  
  3. Toddler Packages: For little kids there are special times to jump that cost Rs. 300-500 each hour. They also have cool deals where you can jump more times for less money.  
  4. Group Packages: If you’re coming with lots of friends or for a party each person pays less, like Rs. 300-400, and you can jump for 1 or 2 hours.  
  5. Birthday Packages: Having your birthday party here is super fun. It costs about Rs. 1000-1500 for each kid, and you get socks something yummy to eat, and a special time just for jumping.  
  6. Fitness Classes: They have special jumping classes too. Each class costs Rs. 500-1000, and you can also buy a bunch of classes together for a cheaper price.  
  7. Private Rentals: If you want the whole place just for you and your friends it costs Rs. 5000-8000 each hour, depending on how big the park is.  
  8. Family Packs: Families can get a special deal where 2 grown-ups and kids can jump for Rs. 1500-2500 for 1 or 2 hours.

Comprehensive Overview of Facilities

Trampoline Park Delhi is a fun place with lots of cool Things to do.

Main Courts:

  • There’s a big area with trampolines of all sizes connected together with special sections for new jumpers those who are a bit more skilled and the really good jumpers. 
  • The trampolines against the walls are slanted making jumping even more exciting. 
  • Little trampolines are there for smaller kids to have fun safely. 
  • There’s a space for playing trampoline dodgeball. 
  • Basketball hoops on trampolines where you can slam dunk. 

Specialty Attractions:

  • Big foam pits filled with soft foam cubes are perfect for trying out flips and other cool tricks. 
  • There’s a battle beam and trampolines that tilt separated by nets for competitions. 
  • A place where you can use a bungee harness to jump really high. 

Kids Areas:

  • A special area just for toddlers who are less than 5 years old. 
  • Another area for kids under 10 to jump around. 
  • Trampolines that aren’t too high for kids who are just starting to jump. 

Other Facilities:

  • A cafe where you can get pizza, snacks, and drinks. 
  • Party rooms that can fit 15-20 kids for birthday parties. 
  • Lockers, places to change, and bathrooms. 
  • An area where parents can watch and relax. 
  • A zone for fitness classes with trampolines that are easy on your body.

Best Time To Visit Trampoline Park Delhi

Trampoline Park Delhi

Here are some easy tips on when to visit Trampoline Park Delhi:  

  1. On Weekdays: It’s usually less busy on weekdays especially when school’s on. You’ll find fewer people and more chances to jump. 
  2. Early on Weekends: The park opens early around 9-10am on weekends. If you get there as it opens, you can jump a lot before it gets crowded usually after 12pm. 
  3. Late Nights: On weekends if you stay until it closes around 8-9pm, there are not many people in the last hour. This is a good time for teens and grown-ups. 
  4. School Holidays/Summer: They open earlier and close later during school vacations. Remember to book your spot early. 
  5. Special Sessions: They have special times for different ages like toddler time so it’s safer for the little ones. 

Places Near Trampoline Park Delhi must go for visit

Here are some awesome places to go near Trampoline Park Delhi:

  1. Worlds of Wonder (WOW): Right next to the trampoline park, there’s this super fun amusement park with exciting rides, splashy water slides, and lots of cool things to see. It’s a great spot to spend the whole day having fun. 
  2. Leisure Valley Park: Really close just 3km from the trampoline park, there’s this huge park with a big lake and a rose garden. It’s a perfect place to walk around or even run.
  3. Kingdom of Dreams: Only 12 km away in Gurgaon this place is full of incredible live shows and yummy food from different parts of India.
  4. Cyber Hub: Just 8km away in Gurgaon this place is super trendy for eating out and having fun in the evening, especially when you’re hungry after all that jumping.
  5. 32nd Milestone Mall: Around 15 km away this mall is huge and has so many shops where you can find all sorts of cool things, from local stuff to famous brands. 

Trampoline Park Delhi : Safety Measures

General Safety:

  • Trained Staff: The park has skilled staff who look after everyone and teach you how to jump safely. 
  • Safety Briefing: Before you start jumping, you’ll learn about safe jumping and park rules. 
  • Spotters: In some areas, especially for little kids or new jumpers, there are staff members watching to keep things safe. 
  • First-Aid: There’s a first-aid kit and staff who know how to take care of small injuries. 
  • Hygiene: They clean and sanitize everything often to keep the place nice and clean.  

Equipment Safety:

  • High-Quality Trampolines: The trampolines are really strong and safe, with soft edges and just the right amount of bounce.
  • Soft Landing Areas: There are foam pits and soft spots all around to make falls cushy. 
  • Wall Padding: The walls around the trampolines have soft padding to keep you safe. 
  • Gripper Socks: You have to wear special socks that help you not slip and give you better grip. 
  • Equipment Maintenance: They regularly check and fix all the equipment to make sure it’s safe.

Additional Safety Measures:  

  • Capacity Limits: They make sure not too many people jump in one area at the same time to prevent bumping into each other. 
  • Jump Etiquette: Everyone is encouraged to be nice to others and keep a safe distance while jumping. 
  • Prohibited Activities: They don’t allow any dangerous moves or behavior to keep everyone safe. 
  • Age and Skill Restrictions: Certain areas or activities are only for people of a certain age or skill level for safety.


So Friends overall we have discussed all about Trampoline Park Delhi is a super cool place right in the city where you can have loads of fun. It’s perfect for kids and even grown-ups to jump, play, and be active. You can jump all over take part in awesome exercise classes and there are special areas for everyone no matter how old you are. It’s a really fun and safe place to jump high laugh and have an amazing time.

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Trampoline Park Delhi

Trampoline park delhi ticket price?

  • Weekdays: ₹450 – ₹1100 
  • Weekends: ₹600 – ₹1200 
  • Additional costs:  Gripper socks: Mandatory for all jumpers and cost ₹100 per pair. 
  • Lockers: Optional rental for ₹50.

Best trampoline park in delhi?

  1. Trampoline Park Delhi (Rohini & Gurgaon) 
  2. Zooper India Trampoline Park (Gurgaon) 
  3. Masti Zone Trampoline Park (Noida & Delhi) 
  4. SkyJumper Trampoline Park Noida 
  5. Cartoony Planet (Punjabi Bagh)

Skyjumper trampoline park delhi tickets

Individual Jump Sessions Are Available in durations of 30 min, 60 min, 90 min, and 120 min. Prices vary depending on day of the week (weekdays cheaper) and location (Rohini or Gurgaon). Expect a range of ₹450 – ₹1200.

Biggest trampoline park in Delhi?

Jumpin Heights in Saket is the biggest trampoline park in India. It’s really big with lots of trampolines connected together. There are fun things like a soft foam pit, a place to play dodgeball, and hoops for basketball dunks.

Trampoline park delhi rohini?

  • Jumpin Heights Sec-9, Rohini
  • Funky Monkey Play Arena Sector-3, Rohini 
  • Jump House Rohini Located in Unity One Mall
  • Air Zone Rohini Situated in Frontier Mall
  • Jump Farms Rohini Sector-22 
  • Fun City Trampoline Park Located in Sector-10

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